Thursday, March 24, 2011

New camera, new projects, new interest

It has been so, so long since my last post. Almost sounds like a Catholic confession.

I make no excuses.

However, I have recently gotten myself a new camera. The camera of my dreams. No, not the Leica M9 but the diminutive and stunningly effective FujiFilm X100. It is a gem. It's everything I'd been hoping for in a digital street photographer's camera.

As a member of LONDON INDEPENDENT PHOTOGRAPHY Group and its LONDON VILLAGES PROJECT, I will be shooting a lot of material on the streets of Sydenham over the course of 2011 and I will blog them here and some will also appear at THE X100 FILES

Here are some of the test shots I made with this new Fuji camera, the X100.
© PAUL TREACY 2011. All Rights Reserved

You can see these images really big at my new dedicated site, THE X100 FILES

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