Friday, May 28, 2010

Motorised Wheelchair, White Van, Cat, Dog and Blossom

Caught this little dog recently catching a ride on a wheel chair.

Not sure which is more terrifying to pedestrians, a motorized wheelchair or a white van. Those scooter/buggy/wheelchair things are driven quite recklessly, seems to me. And they don't make any noise. That's the scary thing about them. They whizz past with no warning. My kids have been so nearly run over by the bloody things on several occasions.

What does a beleaguered pedestrian have to do to get a white van to stop at a zebra crossing even while standing a couple of feet into the road?

Here's some detritus in Crystal Palace Park recently.

A Sydenham cat.

Not the most exciting picture in the world but for a few days, the stuff was everywhere. And it was beautiful.

More soon. In fact, I'm working on a short film for St. Bart's School on their delightful little garden. Will post on Monday, most likely.

Paul Treacy

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