Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memorial on Lawrie Park Road

I've heard various stories about what happened across the street from where I live. How a 21 year old male was killed in a tragic motorcycle (scooter?) accident. A wasted life. A timely reminder too of the hazards of modern life.

It was difficult explaining to my two young sons what it all meant but they grasped it well.


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It was devastating to see so many heartbroken people this afternoon at the memorial site. This was obviously a well loved young man. Certainly a significant number of people in our community paid their respects to him.



Anonymous said...

Listen, you wanna stop being 'curious' and shut your fucking mouth, At least you've still got your son, silly cunt. Theres a parent out there thats just lost theirs. so take my advice and fuck off!

Sydenham Central said...

I think it's so sad that someone has used such disgusting language about this post.

I think everyone who has seen Pauls pictures now that he isn't voyeristic. His curiosity in this instance is just because he lives nearby and would rather know the truth behind what happened rather than public conjecture.

It's sad when any life is taken, especially to someone who clearly was well liked in this instance. It would have been a far greater tribute for the above poster to acknowledge that fact which I"m sure would have given the bereaved parents far more comfort rather than the violent words posted.

My thoughts go out to the family who lost their son. Very Sad.


I apologize. I have removed the line that caused offense.

Of course I feel for the family and friends. Of course I do.

Madz said...

I was a youth worker for a few years with Lewisham Borough & Mark was one of the teenagers that we worked with. As he was older than most of the others they always used to listen to him. He had a knack of calming situations. We all know what over zealous young kids can be like right? Out of all of the young people that we came across he was one of the smartest, most polite, & most respectful. He was full of ambition & was certainly a credit to his family. I am sincerely lost for words at the news of his death & am even further devistated by the fact that I didnt hear about his passing until today......the day of his funeral. As far as the person in this thread that has not yet discovered how to express himself properly is concerned, I think the heart maybe in the right place but he/she has misunderstood Pauls sentiment. Paul. The pictures you have put in this thread have been done in a respectful way & I understand that you have to tell your children something. At the end of the day they too have to learn that death is a big part of life & this experience will go some way to teaching them that.

You are right in thinking that Mark was loved by a significant number of the community......

I am one of them.

R.I.P Mark aka Goldberg.x

Anonymous said...

To the annonymous person who cursed the person who posted this article, i think your comments were very rude and uncalled for...
We all know that there is a grieving family out there, but that is not enough to use such language. I live on Lawrie Park Garden and was really saddened @ this young life taken away so cruelly, but that is not to say that, frustrations should be vented on the author of the post.

Anonymous said...

I Just Wanna Saiii The Young Male Hu Died Here Was Muy Brother And I Love Him And Miss Himm To Bits I Would Do Anything To Bring Him Back!