Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What a beautiful day in Sydenham today. Warm and bright. But I'm stuck inside for now trying to get my head around the Sydenham Arts Festival coming up in July.

I will be exhibiting with about 10 other photographers from the area at the Forrest Hill Library. It's all very exciting. But I know from experience that the time between now and then will fly by and if I'm not careful I'll be up against the clock trying to finish.

I'm off to a good start, however, as I have 20 frames leftover from my last Manhattan exhibition that I can use, though I'll not be showing that many. The work I will show will be Sydenham related. That's the poiunt, right? It is for me anyway. And given that I'm relatively new to the neighbourhood (August 2008) I don't have a huge amount of material of exhibition grade to hang.

Making the exhibition prints will cost a few bob and I'm not working as much as I'd like to be at the moment (who is) so in an effort to cover the cost of printing, which will be done locally in SE26 to support the local economy, I will be selling giant poster prints and other similar items at a small mark up.

I'll start with "THE HAT MAN" and prepare some more material over the coming days. Incidentally, this image will feature in the show. It's my best Sydenham picture thus far, in my view. So, if you're in need of greeting cards, or note cards, or have a space on your office or living room wall, or perhaps even your toilet, then perhaps this image might fit the bill.

Many thanks.

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