Thursday, January 8, 2009


My name is Paul Treacy. I'm new to Sydenham. My wife, two young sons and I moved here from New York City in August 2008. We were Stateside for just over five years.

I'm a photographer and recently I've been playing around with video. I'm keen to get to know other image makers in Sydenham. I'd also like to get involved in the Sydenham Arts Festival at some stage. But I've got some more settling in to do first.

This blog is simply about the pictures and films I make in Sydenham. I'll link from here to my various other endeavours from time to time but this blog's content will be about the neighbourhood. I have no idea as to how this will all take shape but it'll be fun. It'll be random. Many of the shots here will involve my two lads messing about.

I'll open this blog with a photograph of my son, Eoin pushing his bicycle in Crystal Palace Park on one of those rare, warm, sunny days in September. I like the contrast to the elderly gentleman with his sticks. And I love the light. The light in Crystal Palace Park can be gorgeous.

Some of the images here will be available for purchase from time to time should anyone be interested. I'll work out the details later. The folks at Snappy Snaps do a good job when you're watching closely. All prints will be signed.

Please feel free to comment. I'd love to know what other Sydenham residents are up to online so if you have links to websites and blogs, please post them.

Thanks for visiting.

Paul Treacy

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